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Friends! Please read below on how to take good care of your Giclée art prints for a long and colorful life.

– When you receive your art print in a roll please open with much care to not damage the artwork
– Avoid direct sunlight
– When framing make sure to include a mount as the art print should not touch the glass, otherwise the color may rub off with time.
– Give it loads of love

Limited Edition Art prints
Many of our art prints are Limited Edition which means only a certain number are made, signed and numbered. Once they are sold out, they are sold out forever. We may make new versions of the same illustration/artwork but it will happen in our own time. Some limited edition art prints come in different sizes and may not always be available at the same time i our shop. Please note the the written stamp in the corner of the product images is not on the actual print.

Custom Art Work/ Commissions
Please send us an email at or message us via our contact page for availability & prices regarding any custom work or commissions. We are always curious to hear new ideas, especially if
it involves awesome collabs, festivals, exhibitions, travels or installations.

Giclée Art
Giclée has become a synonym for high quality inkjet printing, but is only a designation of the printing method. The printer properties and color pigments, along with paper quality determines whether the print can be approved for signing according to the Giclée fine art principle. Just like traditional graphic techniques like lithography, serigraphy, copper graphics and more, it is in the end up to the artist to determine if the fine art should be approved. Giclée fine art can be considered as the modern form of artistic printing technology. If you take good care of your Gicleé art prints they will have a long life spam of -/+ 100 years.


Hope this answered some of your wonderings, if not, pop us a message here!


Much Love,
Kimberley & Frida

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